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Everybody get down tonight, c’mon, yeah

Simon Mayo


Hotfoot from the show yesterday, I made it to the Hackney Empire for the UKAmericana awards, hosted by Bob Harris (who else). Sitting between Sir Patrick Stewart and Billy Bragg, it was an exceptional night of roots, country, twang and rocknroll. And super friendly too like the Folk Awards-I’m sure the after-show was quite an event. The highlight for me was Robert Plant getting a lifetime achievement award, then playing Gallows Pole with Mumford and Sons and Seth Lakeman. You’d have loved it. Standing ovation of course.

So here we go with some Friday action. Movies with Dame Helen Mirren talking about her new movie ‘Winchester’, a haunted house movie set in the sprawling house of Sarah Winchester, the heiress of the Winchester rifle empire. You don’t want to mess with Dame Helen...

Then its the ARF with some 1999 action to kick things off. You remember 1999! The Euro was launched, the Millennium Stadium opened in Cardiff and that solar eclipse on August 11 was a sensation. The cinema was showing The Matrix, Fight Club and The Sixth Sense and the radio was humming with all that modern music. If there was something you fancied...

Have a good weekend y’all!

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