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So long and thanks for all the fish

Simon Mayo


It’s Douglas Adams of course. Said by the dolphins as they leave the earth before it’s demolished to make way for a hyper-space bypass. I’m not sure who’s the fish and who’s the earth in this analogy so let’s move on...

1) Yesterday was tough. I would never have finished with the live Sunshine On Leith from our Edinburgh show but it was Matt’s choice. A good call but he wasn’t making it easy was he? I’d have gone for Olly Murs or something
2) One more time. Thanks Nigel, thanks Matt. Wonderful professionals, wonderful colleagues.
3) Thanks to the producers of this show over 8 years. Devoted, skilled practitioners of their craft who toil to make their shows shiny and lovely.
4) And so to you dear member of the blogging vanguard. At the heart of everything. Kind, resourceful, devoted, passionate, informed and committed. Thanks for the tunes, the arguments, the news, the posts and that unshakable devotion to the show. I hope you’re going nowhere. We’re just dreaming it all up again.
5) And afore we go...for old times sake...your All Request Friday is kicking off with some 1988 tunes. Some big hair and some big hits. Please.
6) That’s it
7) Back after the break
8) Nil desperandum
9) All will be well and all manner of things will be well
10) No that really is it

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