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I got a man with two left feet

Simon Mayo


Lovely Thursday already and what a cloudy and cold affair is being lined up for us. But there is warmth aplenty oozing from your radio (your super-successful, new listener blessed drivetime radio, thank you very much). Top volcano guest didn’t you think? Dr Rebecca Williams knew EVERYTHING but was also at ease breaking it all down for the rest of us (and Chris loved her too!). As the Underworld boys might say LAVA LAVA LAVA LAVA LAVA!

And there is warmth too from your Nigel-led foodie Thursday its a Chilli Beef Hash! Or for the veggies, a Chilli Hash! And for veggies like Bobbie who don’t like spice, it’s a Hash! A fine winter warmer for you.
And as it is the Keep Britain Tidy awards tonight in Leeds, it’s time for TIDYING UP tunes to rock your evening. Rock ''n' roll that rubbish!

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