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Well the coldest Easter for 10 years is on the way (as if we didn't know that) so that spring wardrobe may well have to stay shelved for a few weeks yet.  The fleecy Radio Twosie really would have been a good idea after all. I hope all bloggers had a good weekend. Many have spent it leaving warm comments about this here blog so thanks for that. We even seem to be responsible for a little matchmaking (Sal, Brandon and the otters-congratulations) so let's keep this thing ticking over for a few more posts at least...

A weekend of snow and theatrical delights as child 3 appeared in Animal Farm as 'little pig number 2'. I am happy to report he excelled and squeaked with great style. I had forgotten what a great story it is having not touched it since school. But this bunch of 13 year olds were fantastic and delivered a compelling show-we whooped and clapped as all self-respecting parents would.I've given up filming these things now, opting instead for actually watching the thing properly in the first place. Forget the camera angles and switching the thing off and on when your child is actually on stage. Just watch and enjoy.

Today we have another bookclub for you and it is none other than Jodi Picoult. She is right now the New York Times Number One best seller with The Storyteller. Her last 7 have all debuted at the top and she is one of the hottest properties out there. The Storyteller is about a 25 year old American baker called sage Singer who befriends a 95 year old man who claims to be a Nazi war criminal. He wants her to help him die, a fate he says he deserves. It is a typical vast thought-provoking tale and you can hear Jodi at 6.

And STORYTELLING songs always works neatly as an oldie theme.  I  enjoy a song with a story told in under (say) 4minutes and leave it to you to choose a few belters.

Have a vigorous and persistant Monday, see you after 5

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