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Simon Mayo


Looks pretty good from here-warmer temperatures, birds are singing, flowers are blooming. Hope your weekend was a fine one all round.
Today we really do welcome Simon Schama to the show. We tried to have him on the show a while back, when his Civilisations programme was just starting but it fell through at the last minute. But we are confident it’ll happen this time. I love his programmes. Simon is such a passionate communicator. When he stands in front of the camera, telling you things about art or history or pretty much anything really, he’s a tour de force. The Civilisations programmes are all on the iPlayer  so if I’m feeling stupid, that’s where to go to feel a little smarter.

And there’s a handsome looking show tonight on BBC2 called Britain in Bloom. This is the Royal Horticultural Society’s annual competition to find some fabulous community gardens-and the judges are on their way! So BLOOMING oldies will be just the ticket, as this week looks like it’s shaping up to be actually warm.

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