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Round-ups, rustlers and home on the range

Simon Mayo


Oh right let’s do it all again then. Monday morning, cold and dark here but with the detritus of a crazy birthday weekend everywhere. Child 3 turned 18 (I’m not sure how that is factually possible of course given that it was just yesterday that a passing Mark Goodier had to finish my show because Mrs M had gone into labour) and we were party central. Party 1-the teens, party 2-the family. Streamers, bunting, crisps and empty bottles will be found for weeks to come. Sunrise, sunset etc

Top new week of programmers here with some discreet Christmas working its way into the show. Former Bake Off host, the always splendid Sue Perkins is here from 6, to talk Insert Name Here, her new comedy panel show. And our oldies playlist is a COMIC BOOK playlist as The Dandy is 80 years old today! Desperate Dan, Numbskulls, Korky the Cat etc. Top tunage please!

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