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2LO Calling

Simon Mayo


So this is a busy day! Helena Bonham Carter and Kristen Stewart interviews to be done before our Drivetime special tonight from the science museum. HBC is Miss Haversham in a new 'Great Expectations' and KS is of course Bella in the final part of the Twilight saga 'Breaking Dawn part2'. And then hotfoot to Knightsbridge for the British Broadcasting Corporation/Company's 90th birthday jig. This has been a while in the planning as you might have realised.
The 5.33 moment is the focus of most of our thoughts as this is the bit that EVERYONE WILL HEAR. All the network radio stations, local stations and World Service will all be JOINING OUR SHOW. This is a scary moment. What if I play Kylie by mistake? What if Damon's mic doesn't work? Do I speak in a Radio 4 way, a Radio 1 way, slower, faster, in a Cornish accent? I DON"T KNOW is the answer. And the BBC could do with a good news story really so WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!
Anyway we'll have your RADIO OLDIES please and at least that part of the show will be secure.
Have a CALMING and STRESS-FREE Wednesday. See you at 5

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