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Under them skies of blue

Simon Mayo


Well here we are again, however briefly. It is my understanding that, as far as this blog is concerned, sadly the end is nigh. This blog has always been at the heart of everything we’ve done, continuing what Chris Evans started. All the songs all the guests all the features all get discussed here first and I have appreciated every post you’ve made. However brilliant the new show will be, I’ll miss the constant support you’ve provided over the years. There’ll be loads of ways of taking part in the new show and I hope you’ll find a swanky new birth in the new cruise liner (confusing mixed metaphors, must do better).

But the blog is not done yet! Today Wilko Johnson is back. You may remember the last time he was on talking about his terminal pancreatic cancer and his farewell tour. Well, as you’ll doubtless know, Wilko is better. In fact he’s fine. He went through a 12-hour operation to remove the tumour and everything was successful. So he has a new album and a new tour. Hurrah!

And lets try some UNPLUGGING tunes as this is Screen-Free Week, and annual (and somewhat hopeful) event, encouraging people to ‘unplug’ from digital entertainment and enjoy the world around them. Good luck with that!

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