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Simon Mayo


Well here we are again. Just the one week off, but a week of quite enough bacon baguettes thank you very much. Discipline is all very well when you’re at home but when you’re away, awake early, hungry and you know the village deli offers a fine bacon baguette with sauce WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO? Different rules on holiday surely? So discipline is the key now-feeble breakfasts are the rule for a while (sad-faced emoji). Pass the porridge...

So here we are with the latest book club selection which is The Second Child by Caroline Bond. The tag line on the book’s cover sets it up nicely ‘What of you found out that the child you love belongs to someone else?’ It’s the story of Sarah and Phil and their children James and Lauren. Lauren has been born with a tiny but life-changing genetic flaw but they learn to adapt and thrive. Then, after 14 years, they discover she’s not their daughter after all. It’s quite a ride and you get a glimpse of it here -read a chapter the hear Caroline after 6.

And your oldie selection can focus on the North Pole Marathon today-its time for ENDURANCE tunes! It’s the coolest marathon (obviously) run on ice floes in the High Arctic Ocean. They’ll be entitled to their post-run fry up. Me, on the other hand...

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