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Watcha. Here we go for another week of drivetime antics. I hope your weekend was a lovely one. Mine was full of pies and onion rings. In fact enough fried food to force me onto broccoli for the rest of the week. Mind you, the onion rings were possibly the best ever (red onion and light batter) so each floret will be a reminder of good tomes. And there was a howling gale, snow flurries and freezing temperatures outside so everything was justified. In fact it is a well known scientific fact that when the weather is that horrid, calories don't count. It is true, try it. And if the weather is set in for as long as they are suggesting, we'll have a grand time. Pass the pastry.

So today we have another top book choice for you (though obviously you'll be the judge of that) It is Wool by Hugh Howey and was a self-published phenomena in 2011. Originally it was just a novelette but there was such demand that Hugh had to get right back to his computer and create some more rather fast. All you really need to know is that Ridley Scott has the film rights. For a science fiction book, that's about as good as it gets. It's about a people who live in a buried silo. They've lived there so long, there are only legends of mankind ever living anywhere else. And you can't talk about going outside or you are kicked out and that's the end of you. So lets try WOOL and FABRIC themed songs, just as a challenging way to start the week...

Have an encouraging and pie-based Monday, see you after 5.

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