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Sunrise, Sunsatnav

Simon Mayo


Well thank you for all the birthday best wishes and greetings. A lovely time was had, in amongst the packing, shopping and occasional slice of cheesecake. Then to university duties and transporting child 2 to her seat of learning. The motorways were full of similarly laden cars and similarly reflective parents, wondering what they were delivering their children to. The service stations were doing a roaring trade in, well, pretty much anything their offspring wanted. We are vulnerable at moments like this; you want a pen that only writes upside down in water? Fine. You want a waterproof, teletubby onsie? Ok then. And a portable fridge for your room? I'm sure that's fine. And so we add more junk to the already groaning car and proceed to destination. Unload, say meaningful words of support and stride, stiff-lipped, back to your vehicle.
Then get back for Downton Abbey. You need to keep a sense of decorum.
So it is time to say )again) OMG! It's OMD! Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys are back with a new album called English Electric and it's full of classic OMD material. As you will hear today!
Meantime DOWNTON ABBEY oldies please and even if hasn't beaten Breaking Bad and Modern Family, it will still give us a chance to sit on the same sofa for an hour or two on Sunday.
Have a well-manicured and neatly-trimmed Monday, see you at 5

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