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Wash your face and hands

Simon Mayo


Ridiculously early. Dark outside and just a couple of blackbirds giving their all. The only reason for being up at this time is if you have to go to Stoke. And to be there by 9am. I mean, who really needs to be quite so energetic, so early? Benedict Allen might do this sort of thing but not me.
Ho hum and pass the buffet's egg baguette. I'll be asleep by Watford.

Then zooming back with gusto to R2 towers and another Nigel extravaganza- beef stroganoff is on the cards (named after Russian diplomat Alexander Stroganoff! Really!). Plus, with Friday 13th tomorrow, it's time for a SUPERSTITIOUS playlist. I believe I'm the least superstitious person you'll meet, walking under ladders whenever the opportunity arises etc but there's no doubting it's usefulness in songs. Fire away!

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