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But yes I’m still running

Simon Mayo


It’s a wet Tuesday (of course) but the birds are singing merrily and after yesterday’s RSPB chat, I’m listening out for grasshopper warblers, swifts and nightingales. Nothing yet but I’m enjoying the process. Early risers like me take it as a blessing on our crazy hours-open the windows and enjoy the spring soundtrack...

Today is about the spirit of adventure with explorer Benedict Allen. He’s the man with 9 lives having escaped war zones, malaria, dengue fever, starvation, shootings and-get this-sowing his own chest wound up with his boot-mending kit. I might not be mentioning my back ache too much while he’s here. His latest trip was to Papua New Guinea and he hit the headlines when he failed to turn up for a flight to Hong Kong and there was great concern for his well-being. But he survived as he’d here after 6. And all you have to do is think of EXPLORER oldies. Exhausting huh?

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