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...with another fine week lined up for your evening's pleasure. We had a weekend with a surprising amount of sun (where were my sunglasses anyway?) a little bit wind-tossed and slightly wave-tossed too. A trip to the south coast for my mother's birthday involved an astonishing amount of calories and the suspicion that millionaires shortbread rules supreme. There might be little difference between it and pouring sugar down your throat for 5 minutes but for the brief period it takes to consume, all appears to be well.  So before the journey home-along with travel rugs and shovels-sustenance had to be taken.

So suitably heavier, Monday's show is lining up with another Book Club. Today we have The Road To Reckoning by Robert Lautner, for all the world an American novel in the style of True Grit, by a new American writer. Except that he lives in a wooden cabin on the Pembrokeshire coast and was born in Middlesex. It's a pseudonym, so it's all very mysterious but he'll be on from 6, and you can read a chapter here. The story opens in New York 1837 and tells the story of 12 year old Thomas Walker who sets off on a journey with his father, selling the new 'improved revolving gun' invented by Samuel Colt. It all goes disastrously wrong and Thomas is left to try and go home in the company of the curmudgeonly former ranger Henry Stands. It's a Western everybody! So why don't we make it a WESTERN and have some fun with it too. Tunes please...

Dry and warm, your place at 5.

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