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Sunny Monday

Simon Mayo


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...and it is mercilessly shining its wicked way into every corner of the house, exposing quite how much dustin' and hooverin' needs to be done. Very soon. Maybe by the weekend or even later. Maybe I'll offer money to one of the kids to do it ( I have things to do, people to see. You know how it is). Anyway my main job today seems to be to get everyone out of the house with kit, keys, bags and food. 3 out, 1 to go. Then I can get to work on the show, choose a confession ('yes that's where we lost your older brother to the goblins under the bridge') and finish off work on the Radio 2 Book Club. Today it's Emma Donoghue and her Frog Music. She was Booker nominated for 'Room' and now publishes a murder mystery set in San Francisco in 1876 in the midst of a smallpox epidemic. The book is inspired by the unsolved shooting of a (and you have to admit this quite eye-catching) young cross-dressing frog catcher called Jennie Bonnet. There's a chapter here for you to sample...
And some song choices needed. I'm thinking CUPPA oldies today. 2.5 million folk say they are too busy to put the kettle on. The tea round is on its last legs (apparently) so let's hear it for the cuppa and choose a tune to go with the brew. What do you fancy?
Right where's that duster...

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