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At 57 Mt. Pleasant St

Simon Mayo


Round about now young Nigel is planning, prepping and checking his ingredients, testing his trial runs and wondering quite how disappointed Matt will be fish. He will spice up the ingredients, wax lyrical about the accompanying wines/beers and hope to disguise the cod. 'Look!' he'll say, 'some gratin, a chilli flake and a turnip' and hope he's done enough. The cod will have been caught by Brian the fisherman off the Cornish coast in his old boat 'Daisy Rose IV' using nylon nets hand stitched by happy, singing craftsmen on the beaches of St Austell. The fish will have voluntarily sacrificed itself for our pleasure . The breadcrumbs will be shaved from an artisan loaf, baked by Max the bearded and sandalled baker from Cheltenham using only flour milled in sunlit rooms on antique oak tables from Brittany. Or something. And will be fabulous, of course.

Elsewhere, its WORLD METEOROLOGICAL DAY so celebrate with an extra scarf, gloves and tunes please!

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