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...singing about a beautiful morning and it isn't bad. I have come to accept that my taste for wild and stormy weather is unusual and that most would rather it be cold and sunny than mild and cloudy. But a cheery smile will greet us all today as we cheerily skip our merry way to work. 'Good morning sir!' call the young lads of the parish as they doff their caps and I toss them a Radio Times for their kindness. This is how we roll, as my grandma used to say.
Book club today and today we welcome debut author Aussie writer Fiona McFarlane and her novel The Night Guest. This is a psychological suspense story about Ruth in her 70s, who is living on a lonely stretch of Australian coast. She becomes convinced that there is a tiger that walks her house at night, much to the consternation of her distant family. Then a woman called Frida turns up and says she's been sent by the government to help her-we are less convinced than she is about this. Anyway, read some here and then hear Fiona after 6.
And oldies today? Well with Fiona on the way, how about GUESTS and VISITORS themed tunes? Think that might work...
Onwards and upwards. See you at 5.

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