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I’m glad you’re home

Simon Mayo


Righti-ho then. The weekend is upon us, as is December and all its parties, celebrations, headaches, tinsel and wonder. I have avoided all mince pies. Yesterday at the screening of The Greatest Showman, a vast festive breakfast spread was laid on for the journalists attending. I HAD NOTHING. My body is a temple (for the moment) though yesterday’s winter veggie burgers were a big hit...

So movies first with Jonathan Pryce talking The Man Who Invented Christmas. This is a Dickens movie of course with Dan Stevens as Charles and Jonathan as his spendthrift father. Then we have a jolly old ARF with the magical year of 1979 chosen as the kick-off year. So milk goes up to 15p a pint, Elton John plays in the Soviet Union, the first western artist to do so, and the last episode of To the Manor Born gets an audience of
23.95 million, the highest ever (different times). At the movies it’s Alien, Star Trek and Apocalypse Now. And on the rock’n’roll radio dial? Who wants to groove and with what?

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