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I let the melody shine

Simon Mayo


Well yesterday’s early start was at least for a purpose-Burton On Trent was looking lovely. Today’s early start was just for the ‘fun’ of it. 3.30 am! What a fabulous time of day this is; always dark, always silent, always knackering. Still, so much to do, let’s put it to good use. Tidy. Iron. Write. Tidy some more etc. 5pm seems a long way away...

However when we get there, it’ll be 1997 to kick things off. Blimey its 21 years ago (brilliant how I worked that out). Welcome the Teletubbies, welcome Channel 5 and welcome (with spells on) Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. You might have heard of it, it did quite well. At the movies it’s Titanic, The Full Monty and Tomorrow Never Dies.

And some hot hits on your radio, depending on your favourites...

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