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Wednesday already. And the size of books just gets bigger and bigger. Yesterday's Mark Lawson was bigger than Robert Harris and today's Bill Bryson is bigger than both. My work bag/satchel is falling apart under the pressure of it all. My spine will not be far behind.  Bill does small and nifty- we all loved Notes From A  Small Island and Mother Tongue- and he does big-A Short History Of Nearly Everything was enough for most muscle systems. This one is called 'One Summer' and is all about America in 1927 when he says the US came of age and changed the world for ever. He lists television, Babe Ruth, Al Capone and many crazy men in their flying machines. It is, like every BB book, a very entertaining ride. He's on at 6.07.
And the RADIO TIMES is a whopping 90 years old, celebrating with a Strictly cover and179 other pages. But mainly with your oldie suggestions. Time was getting the TV and Radio Times was a standard thing in our house. Now that sounds ridiculous but it still punches above its weight, regularly getting great interviews and headlines. And now your attention too! Take it away bloggers...
Have a well-fitted and debonair Wednesday, see you after 5.

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