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Cool, sunny, layers needed. Morning to all, another autumnal week beckons (almost dark by the time I get home-boo indeed). Hope weekend hit the spot. Wrote a bit yesterday (actually most of the day, a tricky bit of explanation to do) and managed to got to the football with child 2. Hadn't managed it for a while but everything was lovely and goals were cheered, victory over Norwich secured. Only sour taste was the gums which cost me £2.30 and then had the nerve to have no green ones and no black ones, the only ones I like. Calamity. Football is expensive enough without paying for the wrong sort of wine gums. Child 2's party progressed well, even if albums were played at 45 and no one noticed. Ho hum.
Top week coming up and the book club offers you More Than This by Patrick Ness. It is my favourite this year and IMHO, a masterpiece. The stunning opening chapter is on these pages and here Patrick from 6. But here's the thing. You don't need to know anything about it, just read it. Reviews might spoil it. So we discuss the price of cabbages instead. I've been a fan of Patrick's since the extraordinary Knife of Never Letting Go so been looking forward to this for a while. Hope you enjoy.
And we'll do PLASTIC BAG oldies please, as charges in England are announced for big shops but not small ones. I always forget the cloth bag bought for just this purpose so this is for me I think. Some plastic pop needed!
Have a well-heeled and respectable Monday, see you after 5

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