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Taller than the barnyard, ten feet high

Simon Mayo


Well there you are then. Cloudy Monday here with the promise of extra tulips later. Hope your weekend was splendid and that all your carefully worked out plans were realised with style.

First up today is a 9am screening (forget what the film is) then the Radio 2 Book Club quarterly chat, sifting, panning, then, triumphantly, selecting the topper most books for your pleasure. Then it's showtime!

You might think that this will be a quieter week , what with no 24 hour dance-a-thon and All Request 80s today. But any week that begins with John Lydon as your guest will be intriguing to say the least. John's been on before and always entertaining company to say the least!

And as it's World Theatre Day today, SONGS FOR THE STAGE please. Curtain up 5pm.

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