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All you do is slow me down

Simon Mayo


So now it’s wet and cold therefore we can all still eat hot cross buns again. These are the rules folks. Carry on.

Today we do some LYNN BOWLES oldies as tomorrow, very sadly, is her last day on Radio 2. She’s been a part of what we do for SO long that it will be weird to think of anyone else jousting with Ken B in the morning. She’s been great on Radio 2 as she was great on 5 Live and will continue to be great on Radio Wales. Good luck Lynn and today we’ll have a LYNN BOWLES PLAYLIST.

Plus today, Hollywood director, actor and producer Paul Feig, the man responsible for Bridesmaids and the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters. He also, like all normal people, did conjuring tricks in school, so we can swap double-lifts and palming techniques.

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