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Really couldn’t get away too soon

Simon Mayo


I’m blogging away, assuming this will find its way to you, assuming there will be staff to put it online and assuming anyone can be bothered to read it today. Sometimes bank holidays play havoc with all this kind of thing. Thanks to Mark for sitting in yesterday due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’. You know how it is sometimes.

A double show day to make up for lost time. Movies at 1pm with Steven Spielberg talking about Ready Player One, his new 80s-loving, geek-tastic, virtual reality-loving spectacular. Then its Bryan Cranston on Isle of Dogs, the new Wes Anderson decidedly non-cute animation about dogs set in Japan, 20 years in the future.

Then we’ll have a go at an ARF with 1967 as the kick-off year. One of the amazing years for music. Jimi Hendrix set fire to his guitar on stage at the Finsbury Park Astoria in London, Puppet On A String won the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK-imagine that!-and the first colour television was broadcast for BBC2. At the movies its The Jungle Book, The Graduate and Bonnie and Clyde and on the radio...pick some summer of love classics right now!

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