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There's a fire between us

Simon Mayo


Hey Friday lovers. Another week almost over with just a couple of jobs to do before relaxation, a plate of biscuits and a pot of chamomile tea served on the traditional silver salver.

Job one is the film show with Jake Gyllenhaal talking about his new sci-fi thriller Life. It's essentially Alien remade on the International Space Station WHICH IS V CLOSE TO EARTH REALLY. Jake is a top guest, so that's job one sorted.

Job number two is your friendly ARF as it kicks off with some tunes from 1996. Take That split!! The Atlanta Olympic Games generate just the one gold for GB, to Steve Redgrave and Mathew Pinsent and Dolly the sheep is born at the Roslin Institute. At the movies it's Independence Day, Twister and Trainspotting but on the radio? Who fancies what?

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