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So where were we...

Simon Mayo | 05:56 UK time, Monday, 1 November 2010

Ah yes I remember, just the two hours and 5-7, Monday to Friday. As you were. Hope you enjoyed all the shenanigans from the Roundhouse last week, I think there were some real highlights. For my money they were: EJ singing Tiny Dancer which I had never seen live, the whole of RP and the BoJ and the crowd at the ND singalong. Never seen an audience like it.

I walked in during 'Play Me' and had never realised that there are actions to be performed. It goes like this 'I am the sun' (hands to your heart) 'You are the moon' (hands to Neil) I am the words (hands to your heart) 'You are the tune' (hands to Neil) 'Play me' (forget but probably hands raised in devotion or some such). Hopefully that'll be in the TV edit, you can join in at home.

The only disappointment of the three days was the woman who told me to stop interviewing Neil after 2 minutes. You can't really get that far in that time. Naughtily, I carried on for 4 minutes and 4 seconds of classic radio gold. But eventually we'd all had enough and I ran back upstairs to play "I Am I Said". Well he was, but he didn't say. That was the point.

And a final thank you to Judie Tzuke, Lissie, Lauren Pritchard, Bachman&Turner (No Overdrive) and Fyfe Dangerfield who all sang rather wonderfully for us.

And today? Well it's Bryan Adams after 6 would you believe with a new acoustic set of tunes on his latest album. It's called "Bare Bones". And to mark the National Scrabble Championships (won yesterday by Mark Nyman) let's have bands and singers who would give you the highest score on a Scrabble board. Or song titles with the highest score, that'll also be good.

Have a cosy and reassuring Monday, see you at 5.05


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