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Wednesday 10th February 1pm BBC2

SH Line Producer | 11:00 UK time, Wednesday, 10 February 2010

On today's programme we meet a deaf woman who says she owes her life to her hearing dog, Boris.  Bernadetta Henry suddenly went deaf in 1982.  A brain haemorrhage ten months later meant she became a wheelchair user.  In 2004 her local hospital put her name forward as a candidate for a hearing dog from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.  Boris, a Bichon Frise, entered her life.  Within months the pair had a remarkable bond.  Bernadetta suffers with sleep apnoea, a condition which stops her breathing in her sleep. Boris knows exactly when to rouse her and how to get her to breathe normally again...




We re-visit the concept of 'the deaf brain' with another chance to see a film that won the Best Factual Film prize at last year's Deaffest.  CityUniversity, London, set up a project to learn more about what happens physically in the brain when people watch a person sign or speak.  Speech is processed on the left side of the brain, yet movement is processed largely on the right side - so where does signing fit?  For more information on this project follow the link below:



We also catch up with actress Sophie Stone.  See Hear last met her in 2008 when she was just completing her drama school training.  As the first deaf student to graduate from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art how is life on stage and screen panning out for her? 


Since filming Sophie Stone has been cast in the play 'Pandora'.  She'll be appearing at the Arcola Theatre in London from the 18th May - 12th June 2010.





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