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no! no! no!

  • Fi Glover
  • 31 May 07, 11:36 AM

the blog is resting for a little while, so please do go to the website and sign up for the newsletter - - a little list of things will drop into your email box every thursday morning alerting you to what is in the programme and how rude top producer poppet JP has been to me this week.
i for one will miss the comments and contributions of Roberto on the blog - will anyone else though...?
love and hugs all round

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  1. Manly Hugs

    • Hardeep Singh Kohli
    • 19 May 07, 11:42 AM

    last week Fi promised that that would be the last blog. there was some truth in what she said. it was the last blog she was going to write. this however is officially the last ever blog. next week ms. glover will launch the all-singing, all-dancing Saturday Live newsletter. so it is left to me to let the blog drift slowly off into the night, like a burning Viking raft sent off to some cyber Valhalla...

    Cracking show this week. A lovely "If Only I'd Known" about an over-optimistic FA Cup engraver. We speak to Lauren St John about her idyllic childhood in war-torn Rhodesia and hear about the secret life of a former Dr Who.

    All this in the same week I spent a couple of days at a dance club in Blackpool and fly off to India to cook and travel.

    I intend be be very much Live on saturday. That's why they call it Saturday Live.

    big love and a manly hug,

    hardeep (aka Fi Glover-lite)

  • 19 May 2007

    • JP
    • 19 May 07, 07:58 AM

    This week our studio guest was novelist Maggie O' Farrell and Lemn Sissay provided our poetic interludes. We heard from an over-enthusiatic FA Cup engraver and discovered the secret life of a former Dr. Who. Lauren St John described what it was like growing up in war-torn Rhodesia in the 1970s and Michelle gave us a glimpse into the heartache of having a husband serving in the forces in a war zone. All this, plus listener Jenny Froude's Inheritance Tracks.

  • Jenny Froude

    • JP
    • 18 May 07, 05:25 PM

    Jenny Froude's son Tom survived meningitus when he was a baby but, as a result, was left profoundly deaf. Jenny wrote to us telling us the two pieces of music she would like immortalised: Rachmaninov: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini and Pachelbel: Canon.

  • Army Wife

    • JP
    • 18 May 07, 05:22 PM

    You’re a mother of three young kids, eight years married and your husband’s away a lot on business. It can be taxing at the best of times. But what if your husband’s business is being in the Armed Forces? And his “being away a lot” amounts to months in a war zone, with limited contact and the ever-present threat to life?

    Continue reading "Army Wife"

  • Peter Davison

    • JP
    • 18 May 07, 05:06 PM

    You know him as Tristran Farnam, Campion, Dr Stephen Daker, The Last Detective or even Dr. Who. In fact you probably know him as anyone but himself.

    Continue reading "Peter Davison"

  • Childhood in Rhodesia

    • JP
    • 18 May 07, 04:51 PM

    Lauren St John grew up in 1970’s civil war torn Rhodesia. Her childhood reality was one where she wiped her classmate’s blood from the floor of her bedroom, slept with a knife under her pillow and watched for landmines as she rode her horse.

    Continue reading "Childhood in Rhodesia"

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