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Bring it on...

  • Jay Townsend - Former European Tour player
  • 21 Sep 06, 05:49 PM

jay_townsend55x55.jpgK CLUB - Warm and fuzzy, forget that, let’s get going!

We have dealt with the warm and fuzzy 'crap', let’s get down to business. It is great to see the mutual admiration the players from each side of the Atlantic have for one another. But, is that why we are here? The answer to that is a resounding, NO!!!

I, for one, am ready for tomorrow morning’s play to get going. I am tired of this big build-up. I, for one, am ready for some blood!!! I am ready to see who can handle the pressure of the most intense golf event in the world.

Will it be the Europeans, who on paper, should win? Or will Tom Lehman’s underdogs pull out an unexpected victory?

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How will the teams handle the weather?

  • Jay Townsend - Former European Tour player
  • 20 Sep 06, 10:05 AM

jay_townsend55x55.jpgSTRAFFAN - The weather is horrendous, as the back-end of hurricane Gordon is sweeping over Ireland today, with very high winds and some serious rain.

The smart move would be not to let the players out on the course today - stay in the hotel and just kick back and relax, as the forecast 30 – 40mph winds will not help anyone’s game in the coming days.

It's not like these guys have not prepared and been playing all year. I think it'll be interesting to see what the respective captains do today, will they send them out to play/practice, or will it be a day of bonding and relaxing? (Have a look at the latest photos).

This morning at the media hotel, the buses were not even running to the course due to the gales and poor weather. I hope this is NOT an idea of what is to come for the rest of the week!

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Wentworth wobbles mean nothing

  • Jay Townsend - Former European Tour player
  • 15 Sep 06, 02:20 PM

jay_townsend55x55.jpgWENTWORTH - Tiger Woods lost on Thursday in a first-round match at the World Match Play to Shaun Micheel of the United States.

It was not a dissimilar performance to his missed cut at the US Open in June. And remember, he then went on a 2nd, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win streak!!!!!! Let’s hope that Tiger will be similarly inspired for next week's Ryder Cup.

Tiger HATES to lose, probably more than anyone, partly because he has less experience at losing.

I expect Tiger is hidden away practicing with his coach, Hank Haney, at one of the more private clubs in the Surrey area. I would love to be a fly on the wall and know what they are discussing and/or working on!!!!

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Tail of two teams

  • Jay Townsend - Former European Tour player
  • 13 Sep 06, 05:55 PM

jay_townsend55x55.jpg FLORIDA - It seems Tiger has taken the team by the tail and is ready to lead the way.

He told the press as much this week, and has revealed he has taken some of the American rookies out to dinner to make them feel comfortable with being on the team.

He also dished out some tidbits of advice to help them cope with the whole situation.

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Favourites floored by friendly fire

  • Jay Townsend - Former European Tour player
  • 5 Sep 06, 06:27 PM

jay_townsend55x55.jpg USA - So the European team has been finalized. The 12 chosen sacrificial lambs have been named……..

Oh, sorry, that is for my blog in America. Just kidding!!!

The European team looks very good top to bottom. Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood are very solid captain’s picks, although both come with question marks, especially if you believe what Thomas Bjorn had to say about Westwood being chosen.

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About Jay Townsend

  • Jay Townsend - Former European Tour player
  • 1 Sep 06, 09:37 AM

jay_townsend55x55.jpg I think of myself as one of the luckiest people on earth.

Heck, I used to play golf for a living and now I get to travel the world and report on the best golfers on this planet. On top of that, I get paid to do it. OK, now pinch me to let me know it is real!!!!

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