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This blog is now closed

  • Ryder Cup blog editor
  • 2 Oct 06, 02:05 PM

LONDON - Thank you for reading and taking part in this blog. It is now closed.

If you have any questions or feedback about our coverage, please go to our editors blog.

Crunch time causes chaos

  • Ryder Cup blog editor
  • 19 Sep 06, 10:08 AM

LONDON - US skipper Tom Lehman spiced things up when he suggested tortilla chips had delayed the team's flight into Dublin.

But just how much tortilla and what type was on board has been the subject of much discussion.

What we do know is the flight was delayed by more than three hours because the American party, including officials, wives and girlfriends, had too much luggage.

And for the record, here's Lehman's account of the tortilla trouble...

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Send your Good Luck messages to the teams

  • Claire Stocks - Sport Interactive assistant editor
  • 13 Sep 06, 04:15 PM

LONDON - The Five Live Breakfast show will be broadcast from the K Club for the duration of the Ryder Cup - and they're looking for your Good Luck messages to pass on to the teams.

Post them on the Breakfast blog and they will be broadcast on Five Live between now and the start of the event.

Presenter Nicky Campbell, who will be on the course from 6am on the first Friday as the excitement mounts ahead of the first tee off at about 8am, will take them to Ireland to hand over to the teams.

Five Live will be at the course throughout the event, with Campbell also presenting Saturday and Sunday's Breakfast programmes from the K Club as the tension (hopefully) builds. John Inverdale will host most of the daytime output, with resident blogger Iain Carter leading the commentary team.

House Rules

  • Ryder Cup blog editor
  • 1 Sep 06, 04:18 PM

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About this blog

  • Claire Stocks - Sport Interactive assistant editor
  • 1 Sep 06, 03:39 PM

Welcome to BBC Sport’s Ryder Cup blog.

We aim to provide daily news, views, behind-the-scenes gossip and anecdotes from the highly-prized biennial matchplay tournament between Europe and the United States, from 22-24 September at the K Club, Straffan in Ireland's County Kildare.

But the build-up to the much-anticipated transatlantic contest has already started.

Our bloggers include Five Live's Iain Carter and Jay Townsend, providing his unique American angle, while Matt Slater and Rob Hodgetts will be your eyes and ears at the K Club. To find out more about them, check our About the authors page.

For the uninitiated, blogs (or weblogs) work like this:

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About the authors

  • Claire Stocks - Sport Interactive assistant editor
  • 1 Sep 06, 03:30 PM

Iain Carter

Iain_carter55x55.jpgThis will be my second Ryder Cup as BBC Radio's Golf Correspondent.

All I can remember from the first was that the only time I relaxed in the entire week was playing table tennis of an evening with the rest of the Five Live team - and that commentator John Murray is the most negative ping ponger I've ever met.

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