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Sean Davies

Gareth Jenkins' reign (136)

Well, the result that it seems every rugby fan in Wales has been screaming out for has come about and coach Gareth Jenkins has got the boot.

Some of the posters on 606 and other forums have even suggested that one of the blackest results in Wales’ history – the 38-34 defeat to Fiji that dumped them out of the World Cup – was worth it to secure his end.

But I have to buck the trend and express sympathy for Jenkins, who has never truly been able to put his stamp on the team.

And as we finally accept that the 2005 ‘golden generation’ was nothing but a myth, I would suggest that a number of the senior players have got out lightly from the blood-letting blame-game.

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Sean Davies

Wales ratings v Japan (106)

Wales ratings v Japan

Cardiff – I was at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on Thursday for Wales’ Pool B game against Japan.

Here’s how I rated the individual Wales players’ performances. See what you think and let us know what you made of the performance.

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Sean Davies

Driven crazy by the opening exchanges (38)

It’s been a frustrating first week of the World Cup for the armchair supporter of the home nations.

I’m not talking about the less than inspiring wins over the USA, Canada, Portugal and Namibia.

It’s those damn Peugeot adverts with the imbecile supporters from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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Sean Davies

A strange kind of fever (5)

It’s been a strange sort of pre-World Cup fever in Wales, a summer sickness in the August warm-up games cooling the volatile passion of the fans.

Last year, Gareth Jenkins and his coaching team were talking confidently of the “Welsh way” and the possibility of claiming the World Cup.

It’s fair to say that the fans never really bought into that, yet, despite a record of just four wins from 15 games, the buoyant background mood inside the camp seemed to hold true – until last month’s France game.

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Sean Davies

About Sean Davies (0)

I'm a sports writer who has been working for the BBC out of the Cardiff office for the last seven years, specialising - whenever I get the chance - in rugby and boxing.

The Six Nations and Wales internationals have been the highlight of my sporting year for as long as I can remember. Although this working lark does seem to have cut back on my chances to enjoy the full range of the festivities, my liver thanks me for it and it's a privilege to get so close to the stories and the action.

I'm originally from Tredegar in the south Wales valleys. I have to confess to being a bit soft, though, as I never really took to regular visits to The Rec, and my real love for the game developed in the balmier climes of Swansea where I studied history.

I went through my university days there as Mike Ruddock built his great Swansea side of the early '90s, and it will take a lot to convince me that Wales have moved on since sacking the Grand Slam coach.

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