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Expectation weighs heavily on Jenkins (26)

Nantes - Honestly, who’d be a coach this weekend?

The knock-out phase of the World Cup is effectively under way and all the men who’ve picked the teams and formulated the game plans can do now is sit back and hope they’re smiling come Sunday evening.

Even though the chilly winds of autumn have arrived big time over here, Eddie O’Sullivan, Frank Hadden and Brian Ashton will all be feeling the heat over the next couple of days.

I’d venture to suggest none of them will feel it more than Gareth Jenkins.

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Nick Mullins

Suffering from La Baule blues (56)

La Baule - So there you go, seven days into the World Cup and we’re all going home. Wales - and the rest of us flip-flopping around with them - are pulling the suitcase out from underneath the hotel room bed and heading back to Cardiff for the next couple of pool matches.

Sunday in Nantes was terrific, the hospitality there and here at our base beside the Atlantic in La Baule has been overwhelming. But just as we’re beginning to get into the swing of the party, we're off.

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Nick Mullins

Weekend to forget for Home Nations (49)

In the bright light of a Monday morning, you have to think that in the end Wales produced the most impressive performance of the home nations on the opening weekend.

England were horrendous (it’s a long time since I’ve been patronised by an American over Sunday breakfast), Scotland were OK but nothing more and I still have a rumbling feeling that Ireland are hurtling down the other side of the hill. Their final pool match with Argentina is beginning to look like a career-definer for so many of their players and coaches.

And while the headline writers were sharpening their pencils five minutes into the second half against Canada, Wales eventually rediscovered some composure and towards the end there were even echoes of those mesmerising passages of play against New Zealand and England in 2003.

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Nick Mullins

About Nick Mullins (0)

I’m one of BBC Sport’s all-rounders. Over the course of a year you might hear me commentating from Centre Court at Wimbledon, the River Thames on Boat Race day or Tower Bridge on London Marathon Sunday.

My day job though is rugby union. I switched codes - from radio to television - in 2001 to help fill the gap left by Bill McLaren and this was the seventh year I’ve talked my way through the Six Nations for BBC Sport.

I’ll spend the majority of the tournament with my head in the BBC scrum, but when I come up for air I’ll look to spend time with the guitar I’m learning to play, a large film collection and Erin and Rosie - my two young daughters.

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