Mark Orlovac

Where do England go now? (107)

Paris – I doubt whether planning for the future of the England team was foremost in the minds of the bleary-eyed fans I saw wandering around the streets of Paris this morning.

After all the partying and heartbreak that accompanied Saturday’s World Cup final against South Africa, simply getting home was as far ahead as these weary souls were prepared to look.

But as journalists gathered for player interviews in the bowels of the Stade de France late on Saturday night, some were already looking to next year’s Six Nations.

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Rob Hodgetts

Picking an England team (352)

London - England's World Cup final defeat brings to the end another era and there will be a new-look side when the team take on Wales in the Six Nations opener on 2 February.

Not wholesale changes, maybe, but Jason Robinson has already retired, while others could follow in the coming months. Brian Ashton - or whoever is the coach by then - will have free rein to start again with his selection.

We asked you earlier on Mark Orlovac's blog from Paris to send in your ideas of England's Six Nations starting XV.

From a very rough survey of about 20 replies, we've compiled the following composite England side.

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