Tom Fordyce

England's World Cup dream dies (196)

Stade de France, midnight on Saturday - Can I make this blog sigh? Can I make this page shed a soft tear? Can I make these words jump off the screen and link arms with you?

Tonight, the nerve-frying, heart-squeezing, bone-shaking dream that has been England’s World Cup wonderland finally came to rest.

At a Stade de France so cold the claps froze on your fingers, the Springboks did exactly what Brian Ashton’s boys had done for the last four weeks – held firm, made no mistakes, poured on the pressure and picked the enemy off with penalties.

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Ben Dirs

England v South Africa ratings (174)

Paris - Hello all. I watched the final alongside my colleague Mark Orlovac at the Stade de France and rated the South African players. "Orlo" was in charge of England. Here's how we scored them.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts.

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Ryan Jones

And rugby was the winner... (49)

So it’s all over. After all the waiting, the hype and all the expectation, the tournament seemed to pass in the blink of an eye and leaves us with another four years to dwell over the next one.

What a tournament it was though. I think in hindsight, it will be regarded as the best yet for a number of reasons.

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John Beattie

Five-a-side rugby anyone? (51)

Honesty is the best thing I think. You see, the editor of the blog wants us all to pick our team of the tournament.

But I don’t want to. I want to talk about how rugby needs to get its act together. From a rugby point of view, this has been the worst ever world cup.

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