Mark Orlovac

England calm before storm (20)

Paris – I’ll have to be honest here, I woke up this morning with butterflies in my stomach. It did not take me long to work out the reason why.

After all the hype and build-up, we are just over 24 hours away from Saturday’s massive clash between France and England in the World Cup semi-finals.

The anticipation is building.

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Ryan Jones

More classic moments in store? (16)

Swansea - World Cup 2007 has experienced somewhat of a lull this week in the wake of last weekend’s dramas, and for me the period of calm has been put to use by partaking in a spot of nostalgic indulgence in memories of semi-finals gone-by.

Admittedly, people who know me will be the first to tell you that I am far from rugby’s greatest historian, but even I know that the encounters that have taken place in the semi-finals of the previous World Cups have produced matches of such acclaim that they will long be etched in the history of the game and many will be recognisable to even the newest of rugby followers.

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Tom Fordyce

Quelque chose pour le weekend? (92)

The outskirts of Paris, Friday - Just one day to go now until Le Grand Weekend.


Right now, Ben and I are incapable of doing almost anything except run round in ever-decreasing circles, squeaking in schoolgirl fashion before collapsing to the ground like a pair of over-dramatic old luvvies.

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