Alastair Hignell

The word is 'non' (80)

Paris - It is not true that the first word a French child learns to utter is “non”. It just feels like it.

The petty bureaucracy for which the Rugby World Cup host country is infamous has, it seems, become even more of an art form.

The stadium entrance you used yesterday, you can’t use today. You‘re not allowed to take this lift - even though it’s the only one that will take you to the press conference. You mustn’t go through that door - even if your accreditation allows you to be on the other side of it.

You can buy a soft drink in the media centre, but not a sandwich - even though the two are stacked next door to each other in the cooling cabinet.

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Tom Fordyce

Sweet and sour memories of Marseille (84)

Marseille, Monday morning - There’s no two ways about it – that was without doubt the greatest sporting weekend I’ve ever been involved in.

Marseille this weekend has been a city drenched in beer, tension, disbelief, sorrow, happiness and wild, wide-eyed celebration.

Even now, with the streets finally emptying of campervans, sleeping fans and plastic pint pots, you can still almost feel the excitement bouncing off the sticky pavements.

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Mark Orlovac

Scotland ponder what might have been (84)

Paris – The reaction of the Scotland players as the final whistle went at the Stade de France on Sunday night said it all.

Some sank to their knees, others looked blankly into space, Sean Lamont angrily threw his gumshield to the ground.

As the Argentina players and fans started their delirious celebrations, Scotland were left with the feeling that they had just blown their best of chance of reaching the last four of a World Cup since 1991.

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Mark Orlovac

Argentina v Scotland ratings (50)

Paris - I was at the Stade de France on Sunday night for the quarter-final between Scotland and Argentina as the Pumas reached the semi-finals of the World Cup for the first time.

Here's my player ratings for the game, let me know what you think.

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