Rob Hodgetts

Déjà vu for KO'd Kiwis (269)

Christchur-... I mean Cardiff - Well, well. So lightning does strike twice. And sometimes on the same day.

Not many of us thought France could emulate England’s shock result against Australia and beat the mighty Kiwis. (I have to confess I wrote the first take of this intro about lunchtime and it looked very different.)

Even fewer thought Les Bleus could surge from behind and pull off, if not quite a 1999-esque comeback, then a very good second best.

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Rob Hodgetts

New Zealand v France player ratings (107)

Cardiff - What a night! Two shocks in one day is too much to take. Anyway, here are my ratings for France's quarter-final against New Zealand.

Do you agree? Let me know your thoughts!

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Mark Orlovac

Paris parties like it's 1999 (65)

Paris – Anyone know where I can get my hands on around 3,000 boxes of painkillers?

The reason I ask is because I reckon I could make an absolute fortune selling them on the streets of the French capital after the mother of all parties on Saturday night.

And who can blame anyone from feeling slightly groggy the morning after one of the most incredible days in World Cup history?

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