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My rugby ‘career’ peaked in the early 1990s as a member of the now-legendary Mitcham junior side which reached - and lost - the Surrey Cup final two years in a row.

Since those heady days I have turned out for Croydon and Chipstead in the Surrey Leagues as one of the least prolific wingers in England, while writing about infinitely more talented players in my day job on the BBC Sport website.

Since joining the Beeb, I’ve also covered a variety of other sports including the World Snooker Championship, Wimbledon and rugby league’s Challenge Cup and Grand Final.

Outside of work, I love my music and purport to be a DJ - even if only five people have let me play in public to date. I got married in July (sorry girls) and am obviously blissfully happy.

As for claims to fame, I’m struggling. My mum used to teach Millwall midfielder Neil Ardley, and he was “a nice lad” apparently.

Phil Harlow is a BBC Sport journalist based in London.

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