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I joined the BBC Sport website as a callow (yet surprisingly leathery) youth in 2001 and spend many an hour wondering where the last six years of my life have gone. In that time, I have worked my way up from the position of office muggins to the giddy heights of "that bloke who talks a load of old rubbish about cricket and stuff", while clinging onto a shred of respectability (I tell myself during the dark middle overs of yet another turgid ODI) through my boxing writing.

I was a rather mediocre rugby player in my salad days, but, the odd round of golf aside, the last time I engaged in any exercise ("oh, do stop it Aggers…") was when I became involved in a nasty punch-up with a gang of hoodies in a Dixy Fried Chicken in Seven Kings in the summer of 2005.

I can only assume myself and Tommy Boy were chosen to drive round France in a camper van for seven weeks because, having both been subjected to a Jesuit education, we know a thing or two about suffering. I don't drive, I don't speak French, I smoke like Dot Cotton. On the plus side, I don't play the acoustic guitar. Tom's going to have an absolute belter.

While myself and Tom are winding our way through France and getting ourselves into all sorts of scrapes and such like, we'd like you to get involved as much as possible, whether it be telling us the best places to visit, the best places to watch the games, whether you're in need of a lift, or whether you just want to tell us we're a disgrace to the Reithian principles of the BBC.

Ben Dirs is a BBC Sport journalist travelling around France in a camper van with Tom Fordyce. Click here to search for all of Tom and Ben's blog videos.

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