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Torch relay challenge for BBC broadcast output

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Roger Mosey | 11:01 UK time, Friday, 25 May 2012

Now as promised - here's the second guest blog this week about the torch relay and the way it's being broadcast. It's from Imelda Flattery in BBC News, who's been leading the planning of our coverage.

Usually you know where you stand with a big news event. Last year's royal wedding took place at Westminster Abbey.

End of. It didn't up sticks every 10 minutes and set itself alight.

The torch relay is something different. Live events often perambulate at a stately pace over a short distance.

They involve world leaders or Popes waving serenely to the crowd as they pass. Not the relay though. It's relentless.

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BBC torchcam becomes cult viewing worldwide

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Roger Mosey | 11:09 UK time, Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It's been pleasing - if not a surprise - to see the levels of interest in the Torch Relay as it started its journey round the UK. This week we'll have two guest blogs about how it's being captured for broadcast and online; and here's the first of them, from the 2012 online head Mark Coyle.

There's always a nerve-wracking moment in event planning when the big day arrives. You hold your breath, cross your fingers and hope that everything falls into the right place at the right time.

Our moment came shortly after 7am on Saturday. Members of my team, who run the BBC's online torch relay pages, waited anxiously for Ben Ainslie to set off from the signpost at Land's End.

This was the culmination of many brainstorms and briefings followed by design and development.

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Awaiting the start of the Olympic torch relay

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Roger Mosey | 08:30 UK time, Tuesday, 8 May 2012

So we're about to get under way.

London's Olympic flame will be lit in Greece this Thursday and then on 18 May it will be with us here in the UK.

That means the BBC's coverage of the torch relay begins, and we'll be offering everyone the chance to follow the journey from Olympia to East London with whatever twists and turns there are along the route.

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