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BBC promises impartial news coverage of Olympics

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Roger Mosey | 13:00 UK time, Thursday, 29 March 2012

I'm speaking today at the Sport Tech UK Summit at Lord's, and as part of our prospectus for 2012 I wanted to set out our views on the news reporting we'll be offering before, during and after the Olympic Games. So here's that section of the speech - and, as ever, I'd welcome any comments or questions arising.

I want to highlight the importance of our news services in complementing what we deliver from the other genres, including the Games-time sport.

It's odd when you think back now - but when London was bidding for the Olympics, the vigour of the British media was seen as a disadvantage.

It was thought the IOC wouldn't like the challenge there is in this country, as opposed to the control of China or more compliant host nations.

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Torch relay sparks flame of interest in Olympics

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Roger Mosey | 12:00 UK time, Thursday, 22 March 2012

We've pretty clear evidence from our website and from market research what it is that interests most people at this stage about London 2012.

And it is - with an appropriate fanfare - the Olympic torch relay.

On Monday, as we published details of the Torch's route across the UK, there were more than 2m views of that information on

This ties in with the research that shows it's the thing more people want to try to see than anything else, which is perfectly logical given that the flame will travel all around the country and could even be coming along your street.

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Countdown to Olympic Torch Relay continues

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Roger Mosey | 10:15 UK time, Monday, 19 March 2012

For all the clocks counting down the number of days to the start of the London Olympics, there's one important calculation.

The start of the Olympic torch relay in the UK is 70 days closer - which means it gets under way in just two months' time with its arrival in Cornwall on Friday 18 May.

Today we learned a lot more about where it will go street-by-street across Great Britain and Northern Ireland - and, equally important, we found out about some of the people who'll be carrying the flame.

These are exciting times for those fortunate enough to have been selected, and when you put together the runners with the locations you can see what's shaping up to be an amazing journey around the UK.

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Is social media a Games changer?

Roger Mosey | 09:26 UK time, Friday, 2 March 2012

The best event I've been to in the past couple of weeks - leaving aside Arsenal v Spurs last Sunday - was a debate staged as part of Social Media Week.

We were talking about how Facebook and Twitter and the rest will change these Olympic Games; and the headline is - we believe they will have a significant influence on what will be, inevitably, the most digital Olympics to date.

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