Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

Andrew is living it up as a top footballer in Monaco.

Andrew was the new Golden Boy of the Scottish Premier League. He was born and brought up in Kelso to upper middle-class parents who had high hopes for their only son. Andrew's parents were born into money and couldn't fathom why he would want to slog away in a career when his inheritance is waiting for him. His childhood dreams of hitting the footie big time were realised. He got the lot: money, fame and women. It isn't really any wonder that it's going to his head a bit.
Ambitious and driven, Andrew expects the world to fall at his feet. The word 'no' simply doesn't feature in his vocabulary. After a rocky start in Shieldinch he admitted he'd fallen for Kelly-Marie but his family thought she was too common for him. They hoped she was a rebellion he'd get bored of but he asked her to marry him and whisked her off to become a proper footballer's wife as his career took them to Monaco.

Unfortunately, Andrew's new lifestyle got too extreme and he kept cheating on Kelly-Marie. When she headed back to Shieldinch for some 'headspace', Andrew gave her an ultimatum: him or Shieldinch. Kelly-Marie chose Shieldinch and bruised his ego. In retaliation, Andrew immediately got engaged to someone else and sold his story to the papers!

Actor: Sam Heughan

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