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The last post for the Moss Missives - but I live on

Richard Moss | 14:18 UK time, Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Richard Moss at a street party

Street party ahoy! I get the sausage rolls out to celebrate the opening of my new web pages.

Yes, it truly is a momentous week.

History in the making. A new start.

Possibly even worth marking with a street party.

I'm talking of course about the opening of my new webpages (I gather there might be be a small chance of confusion with some other social event in Westminster Abbey).

You can find the new pages here.

They come complete with a new picture of me (to hurl abuse at), and a new funky layout.

All the contributions from the BBC's correspondents are getting the makeover.

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson: Not important enough to be used as a hapless guinea pig.

I seem to have got in ahead of Nick Robinson and Robert Peston, presumably because I am more important and not because I'm seen as a hapless regional guinea pig.

Like so many makeovers, everything will look different, but in fact the core of it will remain the same.

I'll still hope to offer some incisive, pithy and occasionally irreverent insights into the political goings-on in the North East and Cumbria.

And normal service will resume there almost immediately, so hopefully you won't have to adjust too many bookmarks etcetera.

But of course with every beginning, there has to be an end.

And I'm afraid the name "Moss Missives" hasn't survived the cut.

To be honest, we did try and bury it some time ago but nobody could think of anything better.

So from today these pages will be preserved in aspic as a memory of what used to be - still accessible, but never updated.

To all of you who have read/commented upon/swore at the Missives, I offer a heartfelt thanks.

Hopefully, you'll follow me to the brave new world. I'll be the one in the top right hand corner trying to look enigmatic.


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