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IRFS Weeknotes #130

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Tristan Ferne | 15:43 UK time, Friday, 16 November 2012

Well, I'm supposed to be across all of the work from the Internet Research and Future Services team so today's weeknotes is a look at the current state of projects. In no particular order:

Vista - exploring applications of real-time audience data

Status: consolidating

The sprint team have built 3 quick prototypes, "Heartbeat EPG", "Infinite Trailers" and "Radio Stats", which is just being polished off and was shown at our team demo session on Thursday. Chris Newell is currently looking at Storm for distributed and fault-tolerant data stream processing. And then we need to work out which areas to take further.

The Vista dashboard

World Service archive - putting archives online with machine-generated and crowd-sourced metadata.

Status: learning

The protoype has been live for a couple of months with a select group of users. We now want to know what we've learnt so we've been analysing feedback and data. Michael has fallen in love with the seer gem for his graphs, we've been grappling with analytics and trawling through the feedback we've received.

The World Service archive

ABC - researching ways of automatically extracting metadata from media

Status: researching

We're currently extracting topics from live subtitles across the BBC's TV channels and experimenting with running our speech segmentation algorithms across audio from Parliamentary sessions. It's good at detecting hubbub and booing.

Speech segmentation of some parliamentary audio

R&D website - re-building the R&D website

Status: ramping up

This is really ramping up now, more people are getting added to the team every day and Olivier is running daily stand-ups in front of a wall of of design print-outs. Lots of design, templating, deployment and content work.

Candidate design for the new R&D website

Snippets - finding, snipping and sharing moments from TV programmes

Status: refectoring

We now have a full strength team on this and right now they're refactoring and re-architecting the code for this and Redux, the underlying A/V archive. Also designing internal APIs.

Snippets search

FI-Content - exploring identity and personal data on connected TVs

Status: wrapping up

I think it's only Barbara on this week and she's planning for the wrap-up video of the TV authentication work - "pin & pair" on a remote control and a smartphone app. Filming due next week.

Authenticating on a TV

Radiophonic Workshop - using HTML5 audio to reproduce radiophonic sounds

Status: polishing

I think this is supposed to be done, but I suspect there's a bit of tweaking and polishing happening. It looked like the team were selling it to someone yesterday!

A radiophonic device in HTML5

Internet of Things - researching how the IoT works for media, entertainment, storytelling, games and toys

Status: writing

After running last week's unconference the team is busy digesting and writing.

An event check-in prototype

RadioTagBot - Twitter bookmarking for TV and radio

Status: monitoring

Tweet @radiotagbot with the name of a BBC channel and it will tell you what is on and add it to your bookmarks at https://radiotagbot.prototyping.bbc.co.uk/. Libby released this into the wild this week. Now we're seeing what happens.

A bookmark on the radiotagbot website

And I guess there might be some secret projects that no-one's told me about. Finally I leave you with some interesting links:


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