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IRFS Weeknotes #128

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Pete Warren Pete Warren | 12:06 UK time, Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ah, Weeknotes 128: a number of mathematical, computational and musical interest, and it's no coincidence that the prime factor of 128 is 2, which is the number of weeks of activities glued together in this post like a delicious Bourbon biscuit. Mmmm, biscuits...

Image of a few IRFS team members rendered in ASCII

Image of a few IRFS team members rendered in ASCII, which has 128 characters

Michael Smethurst was in Dublin attending the presentation and panel session at DRI: Realising the Opportunities of Digital Humanities event and got involved in the second sprint of music matching prototype (more performance analytics, more resolvers).

Yves Raimond mostly did work on ABC-IP around a framework for live processing of subtitles, including topic detection.

James Harrison worked on tests and continuous integration support for Snippets and recently started work on improving Redux with some of the features from the Snippets APIs.

Michael Sparks started and finished the implementation of an RFID based location check in and online analysis system.

Andrew Nicolaou, Chris Lowis and I worked together to make the Audio API / Radiophonic Workshop demo microsite dynamically resizable, moving it closer to launch.

Andrew Nicolaou also worked with Andrew Wood to improve the font size and layout of the egBox TV user interface so it was more usable from viewing distance. Andrew N also got a very simple iPhone app deployed onto an actual phone which he found very exciting. The app allows us get a list of running egBoxes on a local network in order to quickly access the remote control interface on each of them. Chris Needham also did some work to refactor and add unit tests to the egBox code.

Chris Needham also worked on the latest deliverable documents for the FI Content project. There are two documents: "Platform interoperability requirements and open interfaces" and "Evaluation report for critical functions".

Anthony Onumonu has been translating Andrew Wood's designs for the Radio Stats VistaTV mini project into SVG. Chris Newell attended a ViSTA-TV project meeting in Zurich and presented the three prototypes that emerged from the recent workshop and development Sprint. The meeting also laid out the architecture of the project's stream-based processing engine and interfaces for our live feeds of anonymized audience data and programme subtitles.

Chris Newell has also been working on an update to our Sibyl Recommender prototype. The new version introduces collaborative filtering alongside the existing metadata-based filtering and the user interface has been simplified in response to feedback from users.

Olivier Thereaux was at TPAC for five days, days have been full of TV/Broadcasting meetings, with discussion on future works in the areas of companion screen and hybrid TV scenarios, punctuated with coffee breaks and a lot of conversations about our web audio and Web Midi work.

In other news, Tristan Ferne did a lot of talking around the World Service archive, RadioTAG, Internet of Things, R&D website and VistaTV projects. And finally, the team were invited back and attended the build days of the recent UX&D themed Connected Studio in MCUK.

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