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IRFS Weeknotes #112

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Tristan Ferne | 13:39 UK time, Monday, 18 June 2012

Twenty-something people based in four locations, several of them often travelling. It can be quite hard pulling these weeknotes together. I'm writing these, on average, somewhere between London and Salford, sometime between Thursday and Friday. This week Yves has bravely travelled from London to Manchester, Manchester to London, London to Brussels and Brussels to Leuven (and back again, I presume). By train. In 3 days. During which he gave a talk at the Europeana plenary. Olivier had a particularly early Wednesday, calling Japan to join a W3C web and broadcasting workshop, his session was appropriately entitled "Discussion with Olivier from the BBC". He's also been prepping for a data journalism workshop. And Chris Newell and Libby were in Zurich for a project kick-off. Chris has started preparations for a trial of an experimental standalone recommender system. This will use the drag and drop interface developed by Libby from the concept that Becky will be presenting at Euro ITV 2012 and our client-side recommender engine.

Several of the team were at Google's CampusLondon on Tuesday for the BBC Connected Studio on Weather and Travel. They manage to get three pitches out by the end of the day - connected weather stations for schools, a travel planner with graphs and what to do when it's raining.

Ian F is visiting from the North Lab this week. He shows us the first instantiation of their Perceptive Media concept at our team meeting. Other demos from the team included an update on the tiny printer, a look at our YouView box and a re-pitching from the team who went to the Connected Studio.

The ABC team kicked off the project's main prototype this year, doing some initial groundwork and investigating some scaling. And the FI team is about to kick off their summer prototype, for which Chris Needham has been reviewing the authentication part of the RadioTAG protocol. That's makes it three project kick-offs - most of our work for the summer.

Otherwise there have been quite a lot of stand-up meetings this week, a couple of project reviews and it's your last week to apply for our developer vacancies. Finally, a couple of interesting links...

Tony Ageh's presentation on Digital Public Space at The Creative Exchange

A collection of initiatives to make better human and machine readable T&Cs


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