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IRFS Weeknotes #102

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Barbara Zambrini | 09:30 UK time, Friday, 6 April 2012

This has been a short week due to the Easter break and yet a lot has happened at our Central Lab. As we are all back from our March holidays, projects are again in full swing!

The Web Audio API team has delighted the office with yet more retro sounds as Chris L. and Matt have been concentrating their efforts on finishing the simulation of the ring-modulator circuit. Pete has been busy designing more UI graphics. Straight back from holidays, Olivier organised a meeting to inform the wider team on outcome from this initial phase and there is indeed very valuable feedback to send to the W3C Audio Working Group.

Tristan and Olivier attended the Nesta event on data journalism where Tristan gave a last minute, but short, talk.

On the FI-Content Pete has been designing a user journey and a step-by-step series of wireframes to help us clarify the goals of the next phase as well as inform the thinking around the scope of the engineering effort required. Dan N. has been doing good progress on the Chrome Extension to overlay on a website and offer additional functionality, such as improved recommendations and Tivo style "Season Pass" support. This is being written using BackboneJS , Jasmine and indexedDB localstorage. Vicky is working on a presentation of the user testing findings on privacy and attitude towards data collection. Joanne is quietly working on her dissertation about how people use multiple devices and the factors that may affect how they use them. At the opposite desk, I have been as quietly working on the project's documentation while Chris N. has been putting together a detailed planning of the first iteration of the privacy dashboard browser extension and drafting a proposal for the next stage of engineering work.

The ABC-IP project has seen Andrew N. writing the basic tagging interface using Backbone JS for the user study. Yves is still working on trying to recognise speakers across programmes by adding support for attaching Gaussian Mixture Models trained to individual speakers within a single programme, and a few metrics to compare those models to find similarities between speakers across programmes.

He is also working on putting together a EU project proposal by gathering inputs from team members and other people within the consortium. In his >spare> time he has set up an instance of Wikipedia-miner from the University of Waikato on our infrastructure to let a few interested people across the BBC try it.

Sean has got channel switching to work in his gstreamer pipeline to HTML5 video and knocked up a remote using redis and node.js with socket.io.

Finally, Chris Newell has been building a Javascript recommender module which can provide client-side recommendations. The approach appears to be highly scalable in situations where there is a limited number of available items and is suitable for both collaborative filtering and metadata-based algorithms.

All in all, a shorter calendar week but we still managed to squeeze a lot of work. Now it's time for lots of Easter eggs to regain our energies.

Some links of interest:

  • Video of Yves talk at the Semantic Web meetup last week with Silver Oliver.


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