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White Papers Published Lately

As the library here at R&D increases its White Paper publication schedule, we're going to start posting a monthly round up of the most recent additions to our collection.  All white papers are available to download subject to our Ts & Cs (as listed on the website).

BBC R&D White papers


This month the papers come from a typically wide array of research areas, and include several that will provide useful; introductions to interested parties new to the subjects under consideration.  As ever, we also include a number of more technical interest.  Admittedly some of these papers were actually published a little more than a month ago, but this feels like a good initial round up- feedback welcome of course.


BBC R&D White Paper 205 - A Simple Model of the UHF cross-polar terrestrial channel for DVB-NGH

Peter Moss, Tuck Yeen Poon and John Boyer

September 2011

In this technical paper from our Distribution Core Technologies Section we detail some aspects of the long term research we are engaged in looking at the platforms for next generation handheld television broadcast.

White Paper 207 : Combining Panoramic Image and 3D Audio Capture with Conventional Coverage for Immersive and Interactive Content Production

Graham Thomas (BBC), Oliver Schreer (HHI), Ben Shirley (Salford Uni), Jens Spille (Technicolor)

September 2011

This paper is derived from a presentation given at the 2011 IBC broadcasting conference, a crucial event in the BBC R&D calendar for sharing findings with colleagues from across the world, and in keeping abreast of the developments of others.  In this paper our engineers outline invoative use of laser scanning to coordinate and synchronise multiple cameras and microphones used to capture content at a large scale event.

White Paper 209 : Higher Frame Rates for More Immersive Video and Television

R.A. Salmon, M.G. Armstrong, S.J.E. Jolly

October 2011

R&D's work in exploring the cutting edge of television formats took the BBC to HD, and has continued beyond.  This paper covers recent work that explores improvements in the time dimension of resolution, and looks at the potential for improved realism and immersion using this novel technique.

White Paper 211 : The Real McCoy: What Audiovisual Collections Preserve

Richard Wright

November 2011

Dr Richard Wright's paper on the nature and managment of 'authenticity' in Audio Visual archive collections as they migrate into a fully digital world is invaluable reading for anyone with a professional or even casual interest in this area.  First presented at B&G (Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision) in Autumn 2011 this is an engineering perspective on the multiple challenges raised.

White Paper 212 : Evolutionary Augmented Reality at the Natural History Museum

Paul Debenham (BBC), Graham Thomas (BBC), Jonathan Trout (Natural History Museum)

November 2011

Covering the same subject matter as our earlier blog post on the launch of the Natural History Museum's Attenborough Studio's Augmented Reality show, this paper details the technologies used over the long development of this project. 



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