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Prototyping weeknotes #90

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Chris Godbert | 12:28 UK time, Monday, 19 December 2011

Project-wise, there's a big push by the P2P-Next team to get their formal LIMO deliverable finished and submitted for the end of December deadline. At our weekly team meeting they showed their first end-to-end demo: real-time LIMO event (timed metadata) delivery, synchronised to a live WebM video stream. It's a fantastic achievement and really exciting to see it all working together. It was therefore interesting to read that Mozilla are improving support for video in Firefox.

We are also really excited to have just started recruiting for two new roles; an Engineering Team Lead and a Producer/Product Manager.

On the ABC-IP project we had our quarterly planning meeting with MetaBroadcast to decide the where we are both going to focus our efforts over the coming three months. One of our main priorities will be to apply our topic extraction algorithm to the whole World Service archive. We have used Roderick's API and a set of EC2 machines to automatically tag our example dataset, and are just about to start the the process across the archive. Yves also spent a bit of time refactoring the tagging code to make it more maitainable.

The FI-Content team have been making good progress and have completed their new user journeys and have started sketching some sample wireframes to go alongside them. Meanwhile, Jo has started planning the user evaluations we plan to conduct in the new year and writing up her literature review about attitudes to private data.

And finally, a round-up of other bits and bobs across our other projects. Vicky B has been blogging about the preliminary findings of the N-Screen user testing over on the NoTube project site and has started thinking about the UX for the next iteration of N-Screen with Libby. Dan has been adding recurring notifications on the Programme List, so that you can follow a Series or a Brand and be reminded via Twitter each time a new episode comes to air. The Roar-to-Explore prototype was being demo'd to stakeholders up in Salford and George and Chris L finished up the week with an interesting visit to the National Grid.


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