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Prototyping Weeknotes #84

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Pete Warren Pete Warren | 11:47 UK time, Monday, 7 November 2011

It's been a week full of meaty goodness, as on Monday we won our first Technical Innovation Award from the Radio Academy for our work, along with Frontier Silicon and Global Radio, on RadioTAG. It was a team effort on our side by Sean O'Halpin, Chris Lowis, Kat Sommers, Theo Jones and Joanne Moore. George was justifiably proud.

Tristan continued connecting with colleagues across FM to discern their priorities, problems and points of interest in order to help focus thinking on future project possibilities. Alongside this, Tristan and Theo talked to the iPlayer team about what we've learnt from The Programme List so far. Duncan, Dan and Pete continue their octopus-wrestling to integrate the much-requested alerts/reminders features in the current round of Programme List work.

Theo, Liz and Vicky S. rapidly organised a presentation of their findings from the "Following the News" study. Vicky has also been planning a workshop for collaborative prototypes of radical UIs with BBC North designers. Thanks to our colleagues in CBeebies Radio, we have the first batch of sound samples to start work on a technical feasibility study for a playful audio interface.

Joanne went to the UCL interaction centre's (UCLIC) 10th anniversary. While Joanne and Vicky are proceeding at good pace with their research on data activity control and portability, Barbara has been submitting three deliverables for the project and working on the presentation for the FI Content project review due in Brussels later this month.

In abstraction news, this week Andrew has been thinking a lot about Sea Trout -- through his re-formatting of Autumnwatch subtitles, second screen content and chapter points, which are rich in Sea Trout-y content. Roderick has been thinking a lot about clouds -- estimating the bandwidth requirements for deploying the ABC-IP system. And Vicky B has been mostly thinking about beans -- for the NoTube project. Libby and Vicky also discussed user testing objectives for N-Screen.

And finally, here is the news of activities involving the multiple peoples called Chris.

Chris Lowis has been working on a segmentation method for our audio transcripts based on an implementation of the C99 algorithm. Chris Needham has been continuing work on P2P-Next LIMO, and some FI-Content. Chris Newell and Becky Gregory-Clarke have been finalising the user interface for a recommender system. And last but not least, Chris Godbert and Akua continue their sterling work behind-the-scenes to ensure the wheels keep rolling.

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